Monday, November 20, 2017

Brady Bunte - Chic Cocktails

Chic cocktails started on a stretch of sun dappled road in California driving away from a pitstop to grab a bottle of wine to bring for a friends cocktail party. 

Brady Bunte's companion was looking for an alternative she could bring instead of the classic standby of a bottle of wine. Brady realized there was no solution on offer that really allowed that same sense of confidence an arriving guest has in the simple gesture of handing over a nice bottle of wine to contribute to the hosts home.
The gears set in motion, Brady Bunte went to the drawing board and started 3 years of research and development on what that alternative would look like, taste like and who was most excited by it.
Chic Cocktails opens the door to a vibrant and colorful collection of pre-mixed cocktails made to turn any occasion into one that feels like you are with your own private bartender. 
Bunte, along with hundreds of hours and many friends, perfected each recipe to bring that experience to smaller gatherings and out-of-the-way settings that normally would be home to a plastic cup of wine or a can of beer. Suddenly a chic and classic gathering is one bottle away, instead of many mixers, cutting boards, wasteful containers, napkins and time spent cleaning and preparing.
Chic Cocktails is now in its pre-launch phase, with bottles being manufactured and printed, recipes being trademarked and distribution channels being selected from established Bunte brands already in the market.

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