Saturday, January 20, 2018

Offshore BAJA 1000 - Engines on Dyno - Brady Bunte

Engines on the Dyno by Boostpower- de-tuned to 1175hp for range will allow us to run from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas with just 2 fuel stops averaging speeds in excess of 100+ mph and establishing a new world record.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Brady Bunte Announces The Inaugural Tres Sietes Tequila Offshore Baja 1000!

Updated Dec 22, 2017

Brady Bunte says its official and the race is on!  Bunte’s dream of the Offshore Baja 1000 has finally become a reality and will be raced in the 3rd week of November 2018. The race will start in San Diego and finish in Cabo San Lucas, approximately 825 nautical miles. It will start the morning after the start of annual Score Baja 1000 Off-Road Race.  Bunte said, “it's a perfect time for us to do the race. The ocean is fairly calm in November and there will be a lot of support on the Baja Peninsula due to the Score Baja 1000 Off-Road race that will take place just days prior to our race.” The “Score Baja 1000”, a world renown race runs from Ensenada to the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula of Mexico and has raced every year for the last 51 years.

Bunte will be opening this inaugural race event with an endurance run to set a time-trial and establish a World Record like no other in the sport, in the adrenaline-fueled world record-setting Tres Sietes Racing Race Boat. Bunte was inspired to do this because of his passion for offshore boating/racing and off-road racing. Bunte adds: “And because it’s crazy and it has never been done before! This really separates the men from the boys.” “The Offshore Baja 1000 will be an annual event, this first year is going to be a single boat run for us to get familiar with it and to establish a world record. “I expect 2019 to be a competitive line-up of some of the fastest boats in the world all fighting for a new world record.”

Television coverage: The race and preparation for the race will be well documented as Brady Bunte is currently in talks with FOX/FS1 and Discovery Channel. “They both have proposed to do a semi-reality show on the preparation and to document the race. This race will be televised globally. We will also be filming our own documentary of this entire event and process.”

The Course: The rocky and unspoiled shores of Baja Mexico from San Diego south to the resort town of Cabo San Lucas. It’s simply some of the most dangerous shoreline and ocean with virtually no harbors, no Coast Guard and no search and rescue. “This stretch of ocean is generally one to stay away from.” To motor, these waters take a professional skilled crew and a top-notch vessel. The boat will be driven by Brady Bunte and the throttle pilot and mechanical engineer will be the legendary offshore racer, Ron Hewitt. Hewitt previously raced off-shore boats for “Dick Simon Racing“. There will also be a navigator and 3 additional passengers which will be named in the near future. All passengers aboard play an important roll in the race. There will be one fuel stop that will be at “Turtle Bay B.C.S.” which is very close to the halfway point, 420 miles from San Diego and the race will finish at the Tip of Cabo San Lucas. A celebration party will immediately follow at the “Cabo Villas Resort Hotel” at “Drai’s Beach Club” on “Medrano Beach” directly next door to the world renown “The Office” restaurant. The boat will later be displayed downtown on its tilt trailer across from “Squid Roe” and the “Pink Kitty Nightclub”.

The Tres Sietes Tequila Race Boat is a one-off. It is a custom made Outerlimits, 51′ carbon fiber power boat. The boat is powered by twin Sterling’s 600 cubic inches 1400hp supercharged engines. The engines will de-tuned to approximately 850hp each for range and reliability. The boat fuel capacity has been substantially increased for the range. The boat cockpit is completely enclosed and is designed to house the driver, throttle man, navigator and up to 3 additional passengers. The boat and its power plant are designed to reach speeds in excess of 160+ MPH. Bunte: “We plan on averaging 100 mph and completing the race in less 9 hours.  We will leave San Diego Marina at Sunrise and arrive in Cabo San Lucas by 2:30 PM.” “Bunte states that we are making several changes and additions to the boat for this event i.e. state of art GPS system, emergency generator, spare props, emergency diving equipment, Epirb and a life raft to name few.”

Event Sponsors: Tres Sietes Tequila, Corona Beer, Pro Baller, Skull Candy, Go Pro, Hering Performance Propellers, Optima Battery, Baja Junkie, Cabo Villas Resort Hotel, Drai’s Beach Club and Squid Roe.

According to Bunte it's “One day, 10 hours, point to point 825 miles of ocean, AVERAGING OVER 100 MPH… this is the inaugural annual event forever know as OFFSHORE BAJA 1000.”
For any questions or sponsorship opportunities Brady Bunte can be contacted at Facebook messenger: “Brady at Tres Sietes” and “Brady Bunte” or by email”

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Brady Bunte - Chic Cocktails

Chic cocktails started on a stretch of sun dappled road in California driving away from a pitstop to grab a bottle of wine to bring for a friends cocktail party. 

Brady Bunte's companion was looking for an alternative she could bring instead of the classic standby of a bottle of wine. Brady realized there was no solution on offer that really allowed that same sense of confidence an arriving guest has in the simple gesture of handing over a nice bottle of wine to contribute to the hosts home.
The gears set in motion, Brady Bunte went to the drawing board and started 3 years of research and development on what that alternative would look like, taste like and who was most excited by it.
Chic Cocktails opens the door to a vibrant and colorful collection of pre-mixed cocktails made to turn any occasion into one that feels like you are with your own private bartender. 
Bunte, along with hundreds of hours and many friends, perfected each recipe to bring that experience to smaller gatherings and out-of-the-way settings that normally would be home to a plastic cup of wine or a can of beer. Suddenly a chic and classic gathering is one bottle away, instead of many mixers, cutting boards, wasteful containers, napkins and time spent cleaning and preparing.
Chic Cocktails is now in its pre-launch phase, with bottles being manufactured and printed, recipes being trademarked and distribution channels being selected from established Bunte brands already in the market.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Internet Satellites: Elon Musk’s Next Mission by Brady Bunte

Elon Musk makes electric cars, rockets, batteries. and solar panels said Brady Bunte.  Now, he is adding satellites and looking at ways to make them  smaller, less-expensive models that can deliver Internet access worldwide, added  Brady Bunte.  Greg Wyler, a satellite-industry veteran and former Google Inc. Executive, is Musk's pick as a partner.  Mr. Wyler founded WorldVu Satellites Ltd., which controls a large block of radio spectrum and plans to have 360 satellites in orbit to offer global internet broadband service to each consumer as early as 2019.

Musk's goal however  is to have 700 satellites each weighing less than 250 pounds, noted Brady Bunte. That will be half the size of the current  smallest communications satellites  in commercial use now and ten times the size of the fleet. The satellite constellation would be managed by Iridium Communications Inc. The current  smallest communications satellites now cost several million dollars and  weigh about 500 pounds. The goal is to lower the cost to  manufacture the new satellites for less than  $1 million, Brady Bunte  explained.

The project would have many financial, technical and regulatory challenges and would cost well over a $1 billion  to develop. Musk and Wyler would build a factory to manufacture the satellites, said Brady Bunte. Initial talks have been held with Florida and Colorado state officials about a  site for the manufacturing facility.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX, would  most likely launch the fleet of  satellites, stated  Brady Bunte, though no commitments have been made at this time. Musk has launched  Falcon 9 rockets  a dozen times in the past five years and has four more launches slated  through 2018 also has won a $2.6 billion NASA contract to develop, test and fly space taxis to carry U.S. astronauts into orbit.

Brady Bunte explained , that If Musk and Wyler do build the satellites, they are going to face stiff competition from other small  satellites manufactures, such as Britain’s Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd and Nevada-based Sierra Nevada Corp.

Lastly, Musk and Wyler would have no trouble finding investors tech giants  like Google, Facebook  and Amazon  willing to invests to unwired parts of the globe, through drones, balloons according to Brady Bunte.