Saturday, October 4, 2014

CABO SAN LUCAS FAMILY IN NEED.   My dear friend Armando and his family have suffered substanial damage and loss due to the recent Hurricane "Odile" that hit Cabo.   I have known Armando, his wife and 2 daughters for over 13 years.   Armando has always gone out of his way to help others. Armando has always put the need of others before his own needs.  Armando is now in need of help.  The hurricane caused severe damage to thier house. His family has been without power for 10+ days now and thier supplies are limited.  They have major damage to thier house, roof damage, broken windows, flooding etc...    They are in need of food, supplies, water and money. 

Any amount that you can donate to thier needs would be greatly appreciated, small amounts can go a long way for thier family. 

Thank you for your support to Armando and his family.

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